Bollywood Dhamaka - Dance Classes Brisbane
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  • Kids Dance Classes Brisbane, Toddler Dance Classes Brisbane, Hens Night Brisbane
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Q : What should I wear to class?
A : Normal exercise/gym outfits is suitable for Bollywood Dance class. Traditionally Bollywood dance is done bare feet but you are welcome to wear sports shoes.
Q : What should I bring?
A : You may sweat during the workout so you may wish to bring a change of top for when the class finishes. Also, you may wish to bring a bottle of water for during the workout.
Q : How long do the classes go for?
A : classes go for 1 hr
Q : What is the class structure?
A : You have to 'sign in' before each class. Classes begin with a warm-up then into a choreographed routine, followed by revision of dance lesson at the end of Dance lesson
Q : How many people in a class?
A : Anywhere from 5-20.
Q : Can I come casually?
A : Yes. You can start anytime throughout the term.
Q : How much is a casual class?
A : $14.00 per class
Q : How much cheaper is it to 'enrol' (paying upfront in an 10 week block sessions)
A : Definitely cheaper- If you take 10 week pass then you are paying 11$ per class but if you come on Casual basis, you are paying $14 per class
Q : Do you only teach Adults?
A : No! we teach all age groups, we have specialized batches to cater all age bracket 3-5 yrs batch, 5 – 10 yrs, 10 -18 yrs and 18+ yrs batches
Q : Do you conduct children or teen dance classes?
A : Yes, we teach 1 class per week (every Saturday at Sunnybank Venue) for 3-5 yrs, 5 – 10 yrs and 10 – 18 yrs batches
Q : I am new to bollywood steps. Can I still do the class?
A : Sure. We design our classes taking into account the special needs of all level of students from beginners to advance. You will learn basic steps to various bollywood rhythms and in the process you will workout. Soon you will notice your confidence growing whilst you get better and better at dancing.
Q : Can I join the performing group?
A : Yes Definitely, Students are selected for the performance by the instructor and/or invited to audition. We typically like students to be regularly active in classes for 4-6 months, prior to consideration for the performing company, so that you can experience the full range of our choreography and styles, as well as build your stamina for performing. Our performing troupe requires a strict commitment to attend classes regularly, as well as rehearsals, during the event season. If you are interested in being considered for the performing company, please mention it to us!